The whole decade has been..... definitely something. In just two years I've started a small business, and I've found who I really am.

Months ago I had a bit of an identity crisis, and that is why I actually started this blog. I feel back into a very strange place and as a result, reopened my blog.

Some of you may have noticed that I started using my likeness as a profile picture and not the character I put on as "DeJay" (who was actually modeled after the person who got me into Minecraft) because of some strange feelings I was having. I've found that presenting myself physically without a specific gender identity was often.... easier than being the "real man" everyone wanted me to be. I've been struggling with these feelings since maybe about May 2019.

When I realized it, I knew I just wasn't happy but I couldn't quite figure out why. Then I involved myself in LGBTQ+ communities where I was shown the option that maybe it was my identity, and I found this strange solace in a subreddit for transgender people in denial. It sat somewhere in my heart, and the concept of it made me.... comfortable. I've had a lot of time to myself to consider these feelings and after actually acting on them I feel so much more confident and happy being myself. I am now in a place where I can happily say I identify as a Non-Binary person and my newly found identity only empowers me to drive forward.

This year I've felt so much pain, but through all of that I've grown a lot. I've began to feel more comfortable exploring my musical side, and rather than using an alias like I originally wanted to I've decided to tie that part of me to my name: DeJayDev. I've been able to happily push myself into working on projects such as Speedboat without feeling the burden of simply just being.

Jay Studios, LLC

In October of 2018 I recived my EIN from the IRS to become "Jay Studios, LLC" in the eyes of the government. Then, in November of 2019 I recieved my Illinois Business License. This allows me to operate under the guise of Jay Studios, LLC anywhere in the world.

Jay Studios was a concept I have wanted to act upon for a very very long time. If I had to guess a date it would be March of 2017 is when i finally wanted to set in action. This year however, we're doing it. Me and a few good friends of mine who have recently been hired at Jay Studios are moving forward with a plan we had a very long time ago. A spinoff of our old effort "Perilous Network" to be called Clutch Games.

Jay Studios at its core is driven by my love for expression and creativity and how putting your all into a project can create something beautiful. As it's stood for a while, we've worked on commision for content creators in the Minecraft community and even brought a content creator INTO the Minecraft community which allows us an ever expansive platform to help them follow the image of their gamemode. Though I couldn't be happier with where Jay Studios is now, this year I will be hiring more talent and expanding our outreach to be able to take to work in larger and larger scales. The business side of the Minecraft community is very competitive and for someone like me it can be very hard to grow without an existing following.